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     If somebody prayed for me after my last post, then THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I had a massive turnaround at work within a couple hours of putting up that post. So instead of having to stay late on Friday like I had Wed-Thurs, and come in on Saturday, and still miss the implementation date, the project fell together, the Friday meeting and sign-off went great, and no more overtime was needed. Thank you, God!

     It doesn't matter how many years I do it, it is a thrill every time when I plant morning glory seeds and see them start sprouting. Grow, little guys, GROW!

     As I mentioned in the last post, work has been rough of what a treat to get a Legacy chocolates gift card from my boss as a thank-you for the stress we've had to deal with lately!

     Pass 3 for Geren book 1 is done! Giving myself a little break before I wade into Pass 4, since I'm behind on so many other fronts. And Pass 4 will be refreshingly different than the others, so I'm looking forward to that.

     Relieved that I got a bit of catching-up done this weekend. Everything is planted in my garden, ironing is caught up, dishes and finances too, the nightstand is up to the final stages so I started prepping the desk, as that's my next craft project. And I got one of my art programs working again, yay! was the big news day. Starting June 1st, I get a 5.2% raise, halleluiah!!
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