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Only one month away from becoming a geriatric, old maid, 40-year-old spinster, yay!

     I am so glad to have made it to the weekend. Work wasn't too bad the first three days (only had to stay to 6:15 on the publish night, which was pretty good), but then it all went to Hades in a handbasket Thursday, and didn't help at all that my boss was out today. So grateful for a three-day weekend, because I really need it!

     Had a nice dinner with the Towners Monday night, and glad I was able to get that in before work meant I was staying late.

     My boss did a signing for her new house last night, and I'm very excited for her and her fiancé!

     Reason to love the internet #946: Thanks to the Twin Cities Gas Prices website, I found out about a gas station (buried in a residential area) just a few miles from the park and ride that had gas 15-20 cents per gallon cheaper than the stations I usually use. Hurrah!

     Did I mention I'm SO glad it's a weekend?!
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