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Shouts · of · Joy

A pretty good Memorial Day weekend:      On…

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A pretty good Memorial Day weekend:

     On Saturday morning I succeeded with my first platelet donation in a while, thanks to the Red Cross clearing my blood so I can give again. Also got a free bag, since I came in on a holiday weekend!

     I finally, FINALLY, finished my nightstand project, then dove right into painting the desk for the guest bedroom, which will hopefully go a bit more quickly. Feels great to have that underway!

     A three-day holiday weekend with the Minnesota tradition of crappy weather was perfect for watching all three Iron Man movies back to back, and doing 31 miles on my exercise bike while I was at it, since I couldn't get out for a walk. Fun!

     Got the ball rolling with pass 4 for my first Geren novel, and made a lot of progress, including downloading the first of two editing programs I'm buying to help me out. It's been fun trying it out, and I'll be certainly spending a lot of quality time with it over the next week or two.
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