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Thank you, God for a fabulous weekend!

     The weather was perfect this weekend--no rain, cool nights, mostly sunny, and highs in the lower to middle 60s. I can't count on having such lovely weather again until September at best, so I decided to make the most of it.

     On Saturday morning I got out to William O'Brien State Park, which I haven't been to in a while. Had a nice 7.3 mile walk, and got to see four bluebirds, four catbirds, and a male northern harrier, among others. Also got to enjoy lots of wild geranium and columbine.

     On Sunday morning I went back to the NWR and had an amazing (and exhausting) 10.5 mile walk. The wildflowers were not thick, but they were amazingly diverse, including lots of waterleaf, clusters of false Solomon's seal, some delightful yellow star-grass, and masses of Canada Anemones the likes of which I've never seen anywhere. Lots beyond that, of course, while for the birds my highlights included a few brown thrashers, plenty of wood ducks, a pair of swans, getting to see a single nighthawk (I used to see them a lot in college), and just as I was near the end of my walk, a pair of male indigo buntings! (Apparently the last time I saw one was in 2008; it's been a while!)

     A double blessing Monday evening. A major system failure at work, but since I had plans, my boss let me leave at 4:00 anyway. So not only did I get to have a wonderful evening with the Towners, but I was also saved from sitting around for nothing, since said issues didn't get resolved until 3:15 AM anyway.
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