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Shouts · of · Joy

A hodgepodge of delights:      Three cheers…

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A hodgepodge of delights:

     Three cheers for velcro! I found some iron-on velcro that I attached to my wonderful new blackout shades to stick them to the walls at night so light doesn't get around the cracks. It is working great! Not only that, but I also got some garden velcro I can use to tie up my bachelors buttons and is easy to readjust at need so that it doesn't harm the plant. So neat!

     Summer is truly here, so I switched to sleeping on my air mattress Saturday night. What a blessing--I guess I'd been sleeping so badly prior, that the transition went a whole lot better than I expected.

     Last year my May trip meant I had to attach the morning glory planters to the trellis very early, which delayed their growth. But this year I got to keep them out at the sunniest part of the deck, bring them in when storms threatened, and I finally tied them Sunday morning. They are huge and healthy and half of them are climbing my trellis twine already!

     At least if it had to get over 90 today, I was ready for it with delicious cold emerald soup and my beloved tofu edamame nuggets from Trader Joe's. Hit the spot perfectly!

     Speaking of delicious, Nancy and I got to have free pizza for lunch, thanks to the SFIG area having a recognition event to celebrate (finally) getting off microfilm. So kind of them!

     Best of all, pass 4 through my first Geren book is DONE!
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