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     The new blackout curtains I got to use across the stairway and part of my window (alongside big sheets of cardboard and regular curtains) have really helped with the awful long days this time of year. On Saturday I was able to sleep to 6 without any sleeping meds, which was a huge blessing!

     On Saturday I headed west. First stop was the Arboretum, and while it was drizzling heavily, and I'd come too late for the peak of the irises, getting to see the peony garden in full bloom more than made up for it. Even though I don't like the color pink I still thought it was gorgeous.

     Fortunately the rain started letting up in time for the Excelsior Art on the Lake to get underway. My first time going to that art show, and I quite enjoyed it. Two 'new' (to me) artists really stuck out--a lady who made plaques with inlaid stone (but rough in all dimensions, not like most mosaics), and a man who used clay to make incredible open complex geometric shapes...fortunately neither of them work with my sorts of colors, or my wallet might have been in trouble! I did get a cup for work and a pair of "sconchos" I look forward to wearing.

     There's been something for me to check on during my walks to and from the bus lately--a mother duck, alone in a tiny pond, with TEN ducklings! My pessimistic mind keeps expecting that number to drop, but either she's crazy lucky or she has some sort of genius parenting strategy, because it's been a few weeks and I spotted all of them Saturday morning, getting big already!

     Got a decent start on pass 5 through my first Geren book...finally starting to feel like I'm really getting somewhere!
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