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Last-days-of-being-in-my-30s bright spots:

     A treat from my boss Thursday--she gave me a Key Lime flavored half bundt cake she picked up at a bakery, because she remembered the goodies I brought back from Florida and how I love that flavor. Very sweet of her (as is the cake)!

     Wonderful to have the downtown Farmers Market underway for the season. There wasn't much the first week so I just grabbed some asparagus, but this past Thursday I got fresh broccoli and sugar snap peas, YUM!

     Delighted that the first delphinium blossoms are opening up in my garden, and I'll get to see them a little before my trip. Nice timing, too!

     33% through pass 5!

     While driving to the Red Cross today, I was thrilled to spot two huge catalpa trees. That's the one thing I've really missed since I moved--Newport had lots of catalpas in places, and they always bloom right around my birthday. So it was a delight to see these, in my own suburb, just covered in flowers! =D

     And yes, my iron level was high enough, and though my vein gave some trouble they got it working, and I succeeded with a platelet donation today. Very happy about that!
Tags: book 1: editing, donations, farmer's market, flowers, key lime
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