Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

Lots of joys as I topple over the hill...

     Got some delightful cards in the mail Saturday. One from the Towners, and one from my cousin Diane and her family. Her "don't blink" comment on the bottom made me laugh. My coworkers agree--50 is bearing down fast! ;)

     Surprised and delighted to have the first blooms of my dwarf morning glory open on the first day of summer. The plant has been small and growing slowly, so I wasn't expecting it to bloom anytime soon.

     I timed it perfectly--my homemade granola ran out Sunday morning, and I enjoyed it to the last bite.

     Monday was a load of fun. I got a bunch of bagels and pastries from Panera, drove to work...and used the storms and load of things to carry as my excuse to splurge and park in the company ramp. Dawn got me some birthday balloons; she brought in birthday cupcakes, and Anna made some cupcakes, so we were drowning in goodies.

     I have to mention the hysterical gifts my brother had shipped to my work address. An old age "survival kit," and an inflatable walker that I blew up and everyone got a kick out of. My boss was quite disappointed I didn't have any meetings on my calendar, so I couldn't bring it with me!

     Lunch was a blast as well, thanks to Carol the production supervisor treating us all to goodies from Brasa. So I got to have a lunch containing black beans and rice, corn bread, and fried sweet plantains, NOM! Very kind of her!

     And now I'm on the way to meet up with my mom in Boise, Idaho, which is another wonderful treat in itself!
Tags: brasa, flowers, homemade granola, job: other, mail, photos, vacation
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