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Very grateful for a weekend:

     Thursday was the monthly publish day for my job, and with my boss out of the office, so I was quite grateful that I was done before 6, with time to do my Trader Joe's shopping and even some book 1 work that night. That was extra appreciated, since I expected Friday would be awful due to finally implementing the BD Back-end changes that have been giving my life a lot of grief these past couple months.

     And it was. was a payday too, and I'm still employed, ha ha!

     Happiness is grabbing some raspberries at the Farmers' Market. Also making a nice cool batch of emerald soup to enjoy during what appears to be a blessedly short heat wave. And air conditioning! I have been remiss in lauding the wonder of air conditioning, central air, car air conditioning, job air conditioning. Best invention ever, or one of them!

     A blessing to "sleep in" to 5:30 today, thanks to my light-blocks. My brain was fooled completely and thought it was 4:30. No sleeping pills required, either!

     Best of all, pass 5 of my first Geren book is DONE! Done, done, done, and only two passes left!
Tags: book 1: editing, emerald soup, farmer's market, job: work
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