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A pretty nice weekend, thanks to the inestimable blessing of air conditioning:

     Blessed to get a little extra income, thanks to selling a Windstone that didn't mean much to me anymore, but was deeply wanted by someone else on the Forum.

     A nasty storm came through early Saturday morning, and I was blessed that though the winds got up to 70 mph in places, and it partially knocked over my trellis, at least it didn't topple it completely. One tree lost a big limb, but no other significant damage right near me.

     Got pass 6 in my first Geren book off to a fabulous start over the weekend (and did not lose my mind inspecting every single ellipsis, colon, semicolon, and dash in the document). Also some nice progress with the short story I'm working on, which I'm happy about.

     Grateful for a much quieter week than last week, which I can hopefully use for good editing, writing, and craft project progress.

     Almost a month since the summer solstice, and passing the halfway point of meteorological summer, hurrah!
Tags: book 1: editing, moolah, tarreg
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