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Thank God for a payday Friday!

     After a couple weeks of trouble and the application of various sorts of graphite, my mailbox lock is no longer jamming, hurrah!

     Forgot to mention in the last post, but when I got back from my Idaho trip, I found my morning glories infested with aphids. Well, thanks to some homemade concoctions and the help of a couple strong storms, they've been beaten back, for which I am very glad.

     Happiness is sweet corn and brussels sprouts at the Farmers' Market!

     On Wednesday I got to have lunch with Bill, and it was great getting to catch up a little bit. (And enjoy pizza outside in Mears Park, where the gardens are looking wonderful.)

     Thursday was great. I'd failed to have high enough iron for a platelet donation last Saturday, so Thursday was my second attempt, and I succeeded. But on top of that, since I had to drive to work, and my appointment was on the later side, that gave me time to get over to Trader Joe's to use the $40 gift card my wonderful cousin and her family gave me. Boy am I looking forward to devouring my haul!

     Best of all, since I can work on pass 6 on the bus and over my lunch breaks, I am making great progress. Got past the 20% mark in just 4 days (and some decent writing progress too)!
Tags: book 1: editing, donations, farmer's market, flowers, freebie, job: new boss, trader joes
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