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Many blessings lately:

     Got out to the theater last Saturday to see Ant-Man. Not only did I enjoy the movie more than I expected, but I loved a bunch of the trailers, and I got the wonderful shaded parking spot under the wonderful hackberry tree. Between the tree and both sunshades, my car wasn't back at all when I got out, despite the horrible dew point.

     Happiness is yummy guacamole and chips, thanks to my Trader Joe's gift card!

     Since Geren book 1 work has been devouring my life this year, the only way I can justify spending time to watch something is if I'm also on the exercise bike. So I'm delighted to have a total of 177 miles pedaled in July...AND I'm really enjoying season 2 of 'Elementary.'

     Pass 6 of my first Geren book just hit the 2/3rds mark!

     On Monday when I got home from work, Shado was doing his usual celebration of the event when he took a fall through the stairs. Poor guy sounded like a bowling ball, since he hit a few things on his descent into the basement. (Also, perhaps due to his higher amount of Asian Leopard Cat genes, he does NOT know how to turn in a fall--he falls horribly, like a dog or a human). Very grateful that he seemed fine afterward, and that he was not sore the following morning. Thank you, God!

     I couldn't watch Shado Monday evening because I was off to a memorial service for Mr Washburn, my high school chemistry and physics teacher. I am so grateful that I found out the service info on the obituary website, and that it was on an evening when I could go. Also delighted by the fantastic turnout, and wow, what a service. What a life lived to the glory of God! What an inspiration! I am so glad his 90 year race has come to a glorious end and he is Home with God at last.
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