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An upheaval this weekend, but I should still count my blessings:

     So, roughly 4.5 years after the first time, on Saturday morning I got hit with vertigo as I was at the Farmers' Market getting some wonderful fresh sweet corn and raspberries. It came on very fast and quite hard, but at least this time I knew what to do, unlike back in December of 2010.

     Thank God that I still had some 2-years-past-expiry-date Bonine lying around, AND I was able to keep it down, AND it was strong enough to quell the vertigo-induced nausea! Since my appetite returned by Saturday night, it meant I only missed one meal, and this attack is not as severe as it got the first time (yet).

     Also grateful that I could quickly look up the Brandt-Daroff exercises and start doing them right away, to help my brain combat the symptoms.

     I need to be restrained with driving because of this, but the movie theater is only a few miles away. On Sunday I got out to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and not only did I enjoy the movie, but I got my favorite shady parking spot under the hackberry tree again, AND I reached enough points on my theater card to get a free movie ticket for next time, yay!

     Third time's the charm for scoring some non-expired Bonine. Couldn't find it at Cub before church, and when I checked Target after the movie they were all sold out...but Walgreens during lunch break at work finally had it, whew.

     Got a new story idea added to my What's Cooking page, which is always a delight.
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