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So grateful for a weekend!

     Happiness is using the gas prices website to find gas that was 30 cents/gallon cheaper than the stations nearest me.

     One wonderful side effect of being done with pass 6 of my first Geren book, and not doing much with it at present, is that I have time to READ! Books and getting caught up with my magazines as well. Feels great!

     What I expected to be a pretty much unneeded test of a new project I'd set up (as it was supposed to require nothing new for my department, just everybody else in the chain) ended up blowing up Thursday and required a bit of sweating, research, and hours of dedicated attention. I'm grateful I scripted a working solution in a day, thank God, but I'm even more grateful that this happened this week and not last week, when my vertigo made it hard to operate anywhere near peak performance.

     Speaking of vertigo, I learned something too. I did my customary weekly fast-day Thursday, with the result of my vertigo getting increasingly out of control later in the afternoon, and a very wild, insomnia-plagued night. So I'm grateful that A) I didn't try to fast last week when it was much worse, and B) things appear to be back on track now that I'm eating again, and C) I now know better to fast longer than 18 to 24 hours while I'm still working through this. Glad it wasn't worse! (Probably the 15.5 miles on the exercise bike Thursday evening didn't help, ha ha.)

     Happiness is an Arby's coupon for $1.99 mozzarella sticks to cheer up my Friday afternoon. It has been too long!
Tags: books, exercise bike, gas, job: work, mozzerella sticks
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