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It has been an amazing week...

     Wednesday was the monthly publish day at work, with a record (I think) 10 projects getting published. Thanks to being able to do 5 of them during the workday, we were able to get the other 5 done, update the scanners, do our testing, and still be out shortly after 6. That was quite a blessing, as was the fact that I was able to hold up for such a long day, since that would not have been the case the prior two weeks. (Also another huge blessing--with 10 projects published, nothing big exploded, wow!)

     I'm thankful that the vertigo has been steadily improving. Only walking in busy skyways and driving is still troublesome, while it doesn't bother me at my desk at all, unless I move my head quickly. And Thursday night was my first night this month in which my double vision in the dark was not constant, and I could keep my balance better in the dark as well. What a blessing!

     Happiness is a taste of delicious autumn in the midst of sultry August--it actually got cool enough that I was able to sleep on my futon instead of my air mattress for two nights, and I bought fresh beets from the Farmers' Market and roasted them in the oven for part of my dinner. What a treat!

     I am super excited by the fact that after weeks of prayer, planning, research (and getting derailed by vertigo), I contacted my first choice of freelance editor, she read some sample chapters, and she said YES for helping me with my first Geren book! She's got it slated for October, and I am really delighted (also pleased to get a break from it for a while!)
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