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Shouts · of · Joy

The weekend was an exasperating one, but there were some good things:…

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The weekend was an exasperating one, but there were some good things:

     Very happy that I was able to finish writing 'The Reformation of Tarreg' on Friday night. It needs some polishing up (and I am so sick of editing right now, ha ha) but it feels great to have it finished!

     What a blessing to have another string of cool days! It's been a treat to have the windows open, and get to sleep on my futon a few more days as well. On top of that, I've enjoyed oatmeal for breakfast a couple of mornings, which is quite a treat.

     Had a surprise the last two mornings while walking to the park and ride (and enjoying it being 50s!). Got to see an albino squirrel pretty close on both days--likely the same one. It has been years since I've seen one.

     With all that was going on last week, I completely fell off the wagon when it came to exercise. So I'm glad that I've done 32 miles on the exercise bike (so far) this week, and walked to the park and ride every morning as well.

     Happy to report that my vertigo is nearly all gone, and so is my double vision at night, thank God!
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On August 27th, 2015 12:47 am (UTC), shout_of_joy commented:
Thanks! =)

Amen, hallelujah!!
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