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     A real treat Monday morning. I finally got to have my morning prayer time out on my deck, and while I was there, a female ruby-throated hummingbird came over to check out the torenia in the pot I have on my bistro table. I froze, and she was just two feet away and never got startled!

     Monday was wonderful because the humidity finally broke and it turned out to be a fabulous morning for a return visit to the State Fair. Got to eat more, watch a Doberman Drill Team and stunt dogs routine, buy a print I fell in love with, and see a fun Trailer Race in the Coliseum. (All based around how fast a team of two can bring over bridle and saddle from a barrel in front of their truck, get a horse out of a trailer, saddle up, race around a few times, then get the saddle/bridle off, horse back in the trailer and run back to the barrel where it started--truly rural-style entertainment!)

     Blessed to have cooler weather this weekend even though it's been pretty wet too, and looking forward to a couple more cool days before it warms up a little again. Can't wait for autumn!

     Despite running out of iron pills prematurely (State Fair bingeing and a great dinner at the Towners Tuesday night likely offset that) my iron was high enough for a successful whole blood donation this Wednesday at work, hurrah!

     I am super excited for my three-day weekend this weekend, and though I'm running behind (like usual) I've gotten enough done to be a in a good position to make the most of my weekend. More on that later!
Tags: birds: hummingbirds, donations
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