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Ah, last night was delicious. I took a sleeping pill, and it was hot enough that I could leave the air running the entire night. Simply wonderful sleep--and it sure makes a big difference.

     I'm also delighted that Shanra got her gift and likes it!

     But most of all, I'm thrilled to have finished my reread of Beth's Awakening today. Ever since I realized that it's just one month shy of three years since I started reading that story, I've wanted to visit it again--after all, I'd mentioned rereading it, and now that I don't have energy for much besides reading and web-surfing, well why not?

     Don't feel obligated to answer all those little comments I just strewed across the chapters, me dear. That tale is a treasure.


     Now, if only Alyssa, Brandi, Frankie, Pantha, and Shanra would hurry up on their rewrites so I can do the same for them! ;D
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