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Counting my blessings:

     I'm delighted, as I start rolling ahead with writing the first Triune novel (DWoT), that I have a great playlist already of music that reminds me of the story--6 tracks total. That's better than my playlist for 'Delarun' (4 tracks), let alone 'Hope's Passage' (2 tracks). I feel very blessed!

     Quite happy that I was able to finish editing 'The Reformation of Tarreg' and get that linked to my Portal Page, as it has been far too long since I've added something new there! Feels good to have it off my overly full plate as well.

     Torrential rains yesterday, with probably around 3+ inches where I live, made me glad that I can drive to the park and ride lot, but especially that I no longer live in a flood-prone place. Thank you, God!

     Another big treat yesterday--I got airfare to visit my family over Thanksgiving for the best price I've managed in a couple years. Another blessing!

     It's been a rough week for me because it got warm and very sticky again when I had started trying to acclimate my body to autumn temperatures. I was forced to move back to my air mattress and had lots of bad sleep. So I'm very grateful for a lovely cool forecast for the weekend, and espeically for some cool and not-sticky nights ahead!
Tags: air mattress, aldamar, music, tarreg
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