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Joys and blessings:

     It has been such a miserably warmer-than-average (and humid) September, that I was surprised a few days back to see that autumn color is starting to make an appearance regardless. Plant species triggered more by day length than temperature are beginning to change, and hopefully the rest of autumn will make an appearance soon.

     Had a great lunch with Bill and Dawn on Tuesday--our first time back at Chipotle together since Dawn found a bug on her food last year. Thankfully, there was no drama this time!

     I am extremely grateful that on Wednesday evening, God saved my cat Shado from being lost, injured, or worse. Here's the story: I was rushing around trying to cram in dinner and as much as I could before heading off to church, and I noticed that Shado went out in the garage while I was cleaning his litterpans. I took a check later on and THOUGHT that he had gone back inside my place. But I got distracted by not being able to access my to-do list on Penzu (the list I need to function since I have a bad memory post-2007) and then frantically trying to get at it on my work laptop...anyway, I forgot to check under/behind my car thoroughly, or find Shado inside to prove he was not in the garage, like I usually do. Leapt into the car and took off, never looking any direction save back as I backed out. Heading home from church it was still raining but now dark, and I have a very hard time driving in the rain in the dark since I can't find the lanes very well (unless there's no lights around at all except my headlights). Being desperate to get home safely meant I was even more frustrated when somebody followed me into the complex where I live. I will never drive to my garage with somebody following, so that meant I had to loop around the area and try again. And AGAIN I was followed, this time by two cars. So again another loop, very aggravated now as that had not happened in my three years at the place, and wondering what was going on. Thankfully, third time was the charm, nobody around, I could drive into my building's parking lot, hit the garage door opener...and be shocked and appalled to find Shado huddling by the trash cans, as he'd obviously been startled by the noise of the door opening/huge loud car pulling in. Thankfully I was able to jump out, grab him, and throw him in the back seat, and he didn't bolt, either outside or through the front car door I'd left open. I can only wonder where in the garage he might have been if I had not circled two times first, and if I would have hit him, while looking behind me instead of ahead, or if he might have run out and I wouldn't even figure it out for a while. I'm also very grateful that he didn't run out or get crushed when I backed out upon leaving. Poor Shado was quite rattled and hollering for some time after all that, and I needed to calm down too. He's ridden in cars before, but never been shut in an enclosed space while it was running. And needless to say I'm going to be very, very careful he's not in the garage when I leave in the future! Thank you, God, for a happy ending!

     And today is Friday! Always happy for a Friday, but in this case I'm very glad the work week is ending, because it brings an end to my boss's eight days out of the office. Very glad that there were no huge fiascos, and Anna and I made it!
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