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Shouts · of · Joy

Comments from the far side:      Having my…

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Comments from the far side:

     Having my brother, sister-in-law, and their big family out for a visit, and spending time with them from Saturday through Wednesday, was a lot of fun. Lots of gratitudes to go with it--

     So glad they could stay at the Towners' house instead of my place, because it was perfect for them--big back yard opening onto a park for the girls to do nature walks, and a nifty 3d TV with Wii U downstairs to feed the boys' addictions. ;) Much better for them than my place, which has no yard and no computer games! But I'm delighted they got to visit my home, and Shado got his first-ever close encounter with a horde of mini-humans. He now knows enough to run next time!

     Blessed as well by some amazing weather the entire time of their visit. The only day with some rain was Monday, and we drove away from it by heading up to Duluth. Minnesota was definitely showing off, with lots of sunshine, green grass, sparkling ponds and lakes, glimmers of autumn color, and perfect temperatures.

     Also glad for safety in travel, good driving conditions, and good health for everyone (aside from the usual car-sickness for some of the kids).

     It was a treat to get to see some family friends and old neighbors I haven't seen much of in a while. Got to visit my childhood church and find the private school I went to from kindergarden through 12th grade to be so changed and expanded I can barely recognize it. I am glad that it is thriving.

     It was a good time, and I hope all or some of them get a chance to visit again, but now I am glad for a chance to catch up on sleep and enjoy being home!
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