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Shouts · of · Joy

A handful of blessings:      The Friday…

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A handful of blessings:

     The Friday before last, I was hit with vertigo symptoms as I headed for the bus stop after work. Very alarmed that it might be reoccurring at the worst possible time, with my brother and sister-in-law arriving that night, but thank God it was just brought on by poor sleep, warm nights, the female curse, and too little rest. Thankfully it has not come on so strongly since then, and now the nights are cool and life less crazy.

     I didn't get to watch much of it as I was too busy, but what a blessing to get to see parts of all four lunar eclipses in the tetrad, culminating with the eclipse on September 27th. I think of all of them, in my area this last one was the darkest, most dramatic, and most ruddy-colored. I feel amazingly blessed to have witnessed all four, as the next set won't be until 2032-2033, so I highly doubt the skies will be clear enough for me to see all four of any other tetrad the rest of my life. What a blessing!

     Back in early August, I put a lot of time and energy into taking my main pc Tertius back to factory settings, upgrading the video card, and reinstalling everything in an attempt to fix the bizarre bugs with my Vue software (which e-on's tech support was unable to resolve this spring). Alas, it fixed all the weird buggy issues on Tertius EXCEPT Vue. (But I am enjoying the other bugs being gone, believe me!) I decided to try to wade into my long-delayed art projects anyway, though the bugs make it hard to do some things and impossible to do others. And I was blessed, because while the materials browser can't be resized and is even more broken with Vue 2015 than it was with Vue 2014, I discovered that I can access what I need through a different view on a side panel. It's still more clumsy that way, and not being able to drag menus around is a big hindrance when attempting to work with ecosystem brushes, etc, but at least I am able to get by enough for medium-sized projects. Thank God! (Buying a brand-new pc in an attempt to 'fix' Vue is not a priority right now, nor do I have any fondness for Windows 8 or desire to tackle Windows 10, so I'm grateful I can get by at present.)

     Got my last Triune prep-work short story, 'Renegade,' posted up at my Triune books community, which certainly needed the dust stirred. I'm also glad to not have short stories distracting me, so I can focus on writing and editing this month.

     On Sunday morning I got out for my first good hike in far too long, now that it's perfect walking weather (40s) and I actually have time to exercise again. I went to the Regional Park, and made the happy discovery that at some point since spring they had replaced all their trail junction maps with newer ones...AND THEY INCLUDE DISTANCES! That is the one thing I really disliked about the regional park, only being able to take a vague guess at how far my walks were over there. But now I can KNOW! Sunday's walk was 5 miles since I had to watch the clock, and I look forward to figuring out routes for 7 miles and longer.
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On October 5th, 2015 10:31 pm (UTC), diapers4three commented:
so glad you weren't miserable with vertigo while we were there! It was so good to have time with you!! And the kids are still quite attached to their finger lasers!! ;)
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On October 6th, 2015 12:51 am (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
Re: :)
Ooh, glad to hear they last a little longer than glow-sticks! =)

Yes, I'm glad God was merciful!
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On October 6th, 2015 03:25 pm (UTC), brezzydal commented:
So glad to hear you found a way around your Vue problems.
What a nice surprise on the improvements on the hiking trails. Hopefully you get some nice fall weather to enjoy your walks.
Have you caught on your sleep?
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On October 7th, 2015 12:03 am (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
Getting sick with that cold delayed me, but I think I'm getting closer to being caught up. Hopefully this weekend will do it!

We keep getting good weather on the weekends so I'm looking forward to more walks!