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Workweek delights:

     Blessed that the cold I caught at the end of last week wound up being quite mild. I'm grateful I have an immune system that is neither slacking nor hyperactive!

     I love sumac anytime, but in the autumn is when I REALLY love sumac. They have been putting on a stunning show of late--lots of rich red, some oranges, and quite a few turning a deep mahogany to nearly-plum color. I'm so glad God made a world with sumacs in it. Never get sick of seeing them, that's for certain!

     On my way to church Wednesday night, I was delighting in a fabulous sunset--a gash torn in the sky with fuzzy edges due to cloud-virga, beyond which lay a landscape of vivid hues the more striking for the greyness of the rest of the sky--or most of it. There were columns of clouds descending, and some of those also caught the reddish sunlight, the biggest one seemed like the end of a rainbow or a muted pillar of fire. While I was ogling all that, praising God for His amazing artistry, and trying to stay in my lane, a flock of birds flew over. I was crossing the Minnesota River at that point, and mixed in with the flock of birds was the huge shape of a gliding bald eagle! It had its wings partially drawn in as if planning to land, and was scarcely higher than the street lights--closest I've seen one in quite some time. It was an amazing moment, a gift from heaven.

     Finished the first video series at church (which was fantastic) and then got to see the trailer for the next series we're starting. Whoever designed that thing needs accolades--between the words, arrangement, and music, it makes me want to climb the walls and fling myself into next week so I can dive into the study! Quite looking forward to it.

     Thursday was the monthly publish at work. I was blessed to have the testing go smoothly, and get home early enough that I could squeeze in 10 miles on the exercise bike over a session of 'Truth Project.' And that frees up time to finally get back into creative work Friday evening, hurrah!
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