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     So grateful for a payday Friday! The four-week gap between regular paychecks (since October is a 3-paycheck month for me this year) is finally over!

     Friday night was great, since it was cool and I was able to spend the evening making a big batch of homemade granola, which I haven't gotten to enjoy since June. And now for the happy weeks of EATING it!

     Saturday morning brought, at last, the first frost to my area. I got out to Afton State Park and did a nice hike of about 9 miles. The color wasn't nearly as stunning as last year, but I had a special treat in the form of a small tree full of bluebirds all fluffed up and trying to soak up the sunlight. There were at least eight of the cute little things! After my hike I stopped at a nearby orchard for apples and apple cider--YUM! I love this time of year!

     I don't get to enjoy fall color on my morning walks to the park and ride anymore, due to it being far too dark. The stars keep me company now instead--and the planets. I've really been enjoying the brilliance of Venus each clear morning, and a little research revealed that Jupiter and Mars are keeping it fairly close company. A treat to get to see Orion again as well.

     Best of all, I made some semi-decent progress with writing in DWoT the last two nights, and finally got myself past 10,000 words. Finally feel like I'm getting somewhere, now that I'm in the five-digit word range!
Tags: birds: bluebirds, dwot: writing, homemade granola, moolah, skyscapes, walking
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