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Quite a rough day emotionally, but it did have its bright spots, particularly in the afternoon...

     Second to last day of work before I'm off, and four days before my birthday--which meant I had the entertainment of feigning blindness whilst my coworkers smuggled my birthday card from desk to desk. I'm not sure how they got it to Corey, whose desk is right next to mine, but I did walk off a few times to help them along. ;)

     Got an e-mail from my brother, who had found out my radon test results even before I did! And they were good.

     I saw a male bluebird fly up from the grass some 30 feet ahead of me on my walk home from the bus. Seeing a bluebird is rare enough; one in suburbia rather than the countryside or a park, even more special. He flew to the telephone line overhead and watched me a little, then made off, all the time closely shadowed by a drab bird that was probably a fledgling of his.

     Last but not least, a beautiful birthday card from Shanra--thanks, me dear!
Tags: birds: bluebirds, job: coworkers, mail
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