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Some blessings of the past 10 days:

     It was great having lunch with Dawn and my old boss Bill the last Thursday in October. Bill got married October 10, so it was fun catching up and hearing about the wedding. We had the lunch buffet at Hunan Garden, which was delicious as always.

     With all the time I've spent studying my Triune outline, modifying it to work with what I need, and writing, I was blessed with a series of light-bulb revelations about what's going on behind the scenes. Super exciting for me, and things just keep falling into place.

     Writing with the first Triune novel has been proceeding wonderfully, for which I am delighted. Tuesday night I finished chapter 7 and reached the approximate 25% mark of the story. Yippee!

     I repeated my strategy from 2014 and started adjusting for Daylight Savings ending a week in advance. And it paid off wonderfully! Now I just need to find a way to do that for spring too, because that's the one that takes me weeks to recover from.

     And a lovely side-effect of being back to Standard time is that there's light on the way to the park and ride again. On Monday I was regaled by a truly amazing sunrise the entire time I was walking.
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