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It's probably going to be another tough work week, but I am grateful that it can't be as bad as last week was! Reason being, I got my manuscript of the first Geren book returned to me on Monday the 2nd, along with a bunch of feedback and reference documents. And I was so busy between work, writing, and commitments that I had no more than 10-15 minute intervals in which I could even look at them until Friday. It was excruciating. I am very grateful that I made it through without calling in "sick" to work, though I haven't been so badly tempted in years. Also glad I didn't skip out of my church activities Wednesday and Thursday night, and I kept the writing up too. I think I will beg her to never send me stuff on a Monday again!

     On the happier side, I got my book theme quotes and series theme quote for the Triune books all sorted out, yay!

     Also very pleased that I succeeded with a platelet donation on Saturday morning, thanks to my iron level being just barely high enough.

     I'd wanted to have it ready in time for my brother and sister-in-law's visit, but it ended up not working out. Still, I'm very pleased I finally got my custom wall decal of a personal motto installed in my living room, and I really like how it looks. Etsy is WONDERFUL!

     Chapter 8 of DWoT is complete, and I'm hoping to get through one more next weekend. What a blessing to make such great progress!
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