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Hurrah for a payday Friday the 13th!!

     The nights are getting longer so I've got to enjoy it while it lasts--Tuesday morning provided a simply amazing sunrise as I reached the park and ride and waited for the bus. And Wednesday yielded the odd sight of somebody mowing a bright green lawn in the middle of November, because we still haven't had a hard freeze yet.

     Months ago, my church gave all of its attendees access to a free RightNow Media account. I haven't used it much yet, considering the amazing variety of Bible study videos on a plethora of topics. Recently I've been greatly enjoying a series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit--since each session is around 25 minutes, it's a perfect length for watching on my lunch break (especially now that Farmer's Market season is over).

     A visual treat this week--got to enjoy a thin waning sickle moon Monday morning, and then the lovely sight of it thin but waxing Friday evening. I love it when it's that slender, and a little backlit by Earthshine--reminds me of a certain scene in Geren book 5 so I get a warm happy glow every time. =)
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