Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

Pre-vacation blessings:

     It rained quite a lot from Monday to Wednesday this week, and my coworker Dawn reminded me to count my blessings. If I had still been living at my old place, I would have had to deal with flooding or the threat of flooding in top of the busyness of getting ready for my trip. The only 'flooding' I have to deal with, thankfully, is the leak in the laundry sink, and it could be so much worse.

     My teammate Anna organized the first-ever "Give Thanks for Food Day" which took place on Wednesday and was a huge taco bar for both my department and the Mail Center. (I brought in lots of guacamole.) It was wonderful--both that she picked a day before I left, it made my last day feel like a Friday, and I didn't have to do much for dinner that night.

     My boss is changing the way we handle our monthly publishes, and she decided to implement the change now, rather than waiting for January. So that was a blessing because it meant I didn't have to stay late on Wednesday as I'd expected, or drive in to work, and that meant I had the time I needed for packing and to go to church as well. That was a huge blessing, as the message I got to watch was probably the critical one of the entire set so far. I'll regret missing December 2nd, but at least I'm only missing one.

     My first leg of my trip to Sacramento went great. The bumpiest part of the flight was at takeoff due to the wind. It was neat to be heading west at dawn, because that produced the most slow-motion sunrise I've ever seen, from above, to boot. In fact, the "worst" part so far is seeing how gorgeous the snow-covered mountains are east of Seattle and on the Olympic Peninsula. I want to rent a car and drive to Leavenworth...but I will be good and proceed to Sacramento... ;)
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