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Recent blessings:

     On Saturday my mom and I got out to Apple Hill for part of the day, which was a lot of fun. Lots of neat artists' booths and the entertainment of parking under an apple tree in an apple orchard because it was so busy at High Hill Orchard. One highlight was our drive along Hassler Road, which was out of the way, so no traffic, but winding between the hills with amazing views of fall color in places. A treat to enjoy fresh fudge, apple cookies, and an apple turnover.

     Sacramento has been experiencing a very warm fall as well, but shortly before my arrival it finally got cool--the treat being that now many trees are in autumn color, so that I feel like I've gone back in time to the middle of October. What a delight to get to enjoy fall twice!

     On Sunday afternoon, my mom and I went to Fremont Presbyterian for a pipe organ concert by Ken Cowan. It was amazing, because he played music by Bach, Dupre, Schumann, and others for well over an hour, and all by memory. We had a great spot at an angle where I could watch his hands--and FEET! He has more musical skill in one foot than I do in my entire body, ha ha. That was quite a treat, and a lovely blessing to have someone so talented perform there during the time of my visit.

     On Monday, my mom and I spent a day with two (of 8) of my nieces and nephews. We took them to a park first, where I got some photos, and then out to lunch, and then to the movie theater to see "The Peanuts Movie" which I quite enjoyed.

     It's been a delight to have such lovely weather, every day until today...but today is good too, as Sacramento desperately needs rain. Haven't seen any locals dancing in the streets yet, however... ;)
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