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I'm dreading what's coming, but I still have so much to be thankful for:

     SO, SO indescribably grateful that thanks to God's mercy and the fabulous work of the people at the emergency care animal hospital, that Shado pulled through on Friday night, that he was able to be weaned off the oxygen, and that I get to be with him again before our final parting.

     On Sunday I got to take my mom to the second show produced by Cavalia, called Odysseo. (I saw Cavalia in Minneapolis in 2011.) That entailed driving into downtown San Francisco, but thankfully traffic was not too bad, we got to drive across the Oakland Bay Bridge, which was quite neat, and the show itself was quite close to the ballpark and waterfront. I made a minimum of wrong turns, my mom enjoyed the show immensely (and the seats I picked out were fabulous) and we had a good time. Very happy we got to do that!

     I'm also VERY grateful for my wonderful catsitter Amy. If she had not felt uneasy about Shado's brief spurt of odd behavior Friday morning, told me about it, and come back again Friday night, he would have been dead by Saturday morning, which would have been devastating for us both. Not only that, but she stayed with him at the emergency care animal hospital, coordinated with me, went back to check on him Saturday morning, picked up his prescription, and then stayed with him almost constantly at my place from when he was discharged Sunday morning until I made it back late Monday night/Tuesday morning. And she gave me a ride home through the awful storm! I can't express how glad I am that I found her ad on Craigslist years ago and that we met.

     On a very different note, I'm grateful for the roller bag to use as a carry-on that my parents bought me. It is so much easier getting around airports with that then when I had to haul a duffle bag around, and that makes layovers, howsoever long (or short) much easier to handle. Between that and the huge task of reviewing all my editor's changes to my first Geren book, the long flights and long layovers actually felt short!

     Last but far from least, a BIG HUGE THANKS to all who prayed for Shado these past few days, and also for the prayers that I could make it back home despite the major storm that was predicted to fall at home the day I arrived. Thanks to your prayers, I have a little more time with Shado, and I did not get stranded in Phoenix either. Thank you, God, for your mercy!
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