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Shouts · of · Joy

So glad it's finally Friday!      Shado is…

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So glad it's finally Friday!

     Shado is doing well, and energetic enough to rip apart the side of one of my Christmas wreaths one day while I was at work, sigh. There was some trouble with him finding the pills in his food, but I got some pill pockets on Sunday, and things have been going well since then...

     Tuesday was our holiday party at work. Great food, great desserts, and Dawn did a good job with the games. I was blessed to get pistachios and chocolates from Anna, and delighted to get some movie ticket coupons from my manager Jodi, which will really be savored and appreciated!

     It's been a couple warm weeks, and above-average temperatures will be back starting Sunday, but the ground finally got cold enough to get my place below 60 and the furnace running (and I finally got out the winter coat). I've appreciated the break for my electric bill, but I love the cold for sleeping.

     Loads of feasting this week, thanks to goodies on Thursday from various people, and then more indulgence that evening at a party with my church singles' group. And I got to bring my leftover chips and pop to share at work Friday. I may need to chain myself to my exercise bike in January, but it has been fun!
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