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     On Saturday I got out to the Minnesota Arboretum to enjoy an hour-long handbell concert by Arbor Bells. It was wonderful, a delightful variety of pieces, nice room with good acoustics, and a blessing that thanks to my membership I didn't have to spend a penny.

     On the way home I stopped at the Johnson's to give them a gift, and this time (my third time this year) I knew to pound the door instead of use the doorbell, and they were home. We had a great time visiting for a while.

     So it's too late for the season butternut squash dish that I like, but I'm thrill my credit card points on my second card finally got high enough to order a Panera gift card. Looking forward to that!

     I had a package I should have received go missing, but it showed up at my doorstep by 6:30 the following morning. Very grateful for honest neighbors!

     Too broke to have lunch with Bill and Dawn Tuesday, so I'm grateful it worked out that we cancelled and I just got to meet up with Bill and talk over part of our lunch break.

     Delighted to get a little snow Monday night, and then some snow again today after a bunch of rain. It's the eve of Christmas Eve (my brother and I had loads of fun with 'eve of the eve of the eve' etc as kids) and I'm very grateful that there might be at least a 'semi-white' Christmas here!
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