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     Last Saturday, as I was in the area to pick up refills for Shado's medicine anyway, I took the opportunity to stop by Hobby Lobby. That was a blessing, as they'd just moved all their Christmas items to 90% off. So I got three things, including Christmas cards for next year, for only $6! And I'm enjoying the beautiful cardinal and holly placemat that's great for eating on and protects my desk too.

     Shado is doing well, and I noticed over the last week or so that he is back to 'normal' emotionally too. For the first few weeks in December he'd been unusually submissive/skittish and acting as if he was afraid any provocation would make me go back to California or something. But now he's got his 'sass' back, so I hope that means the memories of what happened have dwindled for him, and he feels completely well. (Not that I didn't enjoy him being exceptionally polite, ha ha...)

     At the risk of seriously jinxing myself, ha ha, the fact it's January 2016 means I've managed 5 years of perfect attendance at work, date to date. To get five clean consecutive calendar years I have to make it to January 2017 (unlikely). The last day I missed work unplanned was for my vertigo, January 5 of 2011, right after getting back from California. It feels like a while ago!

     It feels great--yesterday I put up my announcement post over at my Geren books LJ that the rewrite of book 1 is finally done, and electronic copies of various flavors are available. I am beyond eager to be done working on that book and get rolling with book 2. And only a few days late!
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