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     One of the small sorrows of 2015 was that my favorite restaurant in downtown St Paul (Da Vinci's) closed. So it was with disbelief and joy last week that I watched a new restaurant being set up in my building, only to learn that the chef from Da Vinci's was starting a pasta bar with the same recipes and selections that used to be the Da Vinci's lunch buffet! Needless to say, that was my treat on payday Friday--a late lunch that was dinner too, joyously delicious, and freeing up more time for writing that evening to boot!

     My mom and my boss both recommended MucinexDM to deal with the cough lodged in my lungs that won't go away. Though I dislike the side effects, it has been a real blessing in suppressing the constant coughing the past week. Very glad for their advice!

     Delighted that I got rolling with pass 1 of Geren book 2 last Thursday. It's the kind of sweep I can do on my bus rides or lunch breaks, which I'm glad for, so that I can keep concentrating on writing at present.

     Happiness is diving into one of my mom's wonderful homemade fruitcakes after it's been aged to perfection. Delicious!

     Really, really delighted with my DWoT writing progress over this weekend. Not only did I pass the 50,000 word mark, but I'm now past the halfway point with chapters and with scenes. And in less than 4 months! I feel very blessed by how well it is going, especially with trying to do editing and some art at the same time. Thank you, God!
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