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Recent gratitudes:

     Got a cute photo of Shado after he stole my heating pad this weekend. And tomorrow brings me to two months since his scary ordeal with congestive heart failure started. I am so blessed that he is doing so well and happy.

     A few weeks ago, something broke on my futon so that I can't fold it up and down very well, and last weekend I finally dragged the mattress off to see if it was something I could repair. Unfortunately no, but I am still blessed that I got to use it for 16+ years, and I can still use it, so long as I don't fold/unfold frequently. I'm so blessed that futon store was around back when I was moving out of my parents' house, because I really haven't seen many models I like more, in the years since, than the one I've used for so long.

     I had to stop writing for a week in DWoT, because I needed time to sort out the ever-changing trial sequence, as well as do some editing and get an extra scene added in. So it was great to get going again on the weekend, and finish up chapter 17 Monday night. 10 chapters left!

     A treat to have lunch with Bill and Dawn at the new Italio Pasta place today. Food was delicious and we had a good time. Short walk, too, since it's right in our building.

     Happy that my iron was just high enough to make my first whole blood donation for this year. Timing was fantastic too, as there's a critical need after all the blood drives that got cancelled on the East Coast due to the massive snowstorm last weekend. So glad I succeeded, thank you, God!
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