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A handful of joys:

     My coworker Dawn made some of her wonderful apple pie, but missed a step (peeling the apples). So she inflicted the leftovers on me and Lisa to see what we thought of it. That was a fabulous treat!

     We had a sizeable snowstorm on Tuesday, but since so many people fled the city early, the traffic heading home was not bad at all--only 15 minutes later than normal, and some of that was probably due to the fun of 'wading' through all that snow. My area wound up with somewhere between 9 and 11.5 inches, magnificent! Wednesday morning was gorgeous--standing out to catch the Minneapolis bus because I couldn't spare the time to wade 1.3 miles in that depth (the paths up to 2 feet deep because the plows throw the road snow onto them). Standing out there with jumbo snow coming down under the street lights and everything buried in hushed whiteness...priceless!

     Got to enjoy HeroMachine 2.5 over the past week, making a "lineup" of the avar who make an appearance in my first Triune novel and putting it up at my Triune LJ. It was a treat to do an art project that was just silly and fun.

     Blessed by a call from my wonderful aunt Saturday night, in which, among other topics, she asked about my progress with writing and editing. And she even remembered my anniversary was coming up, though not the year (23). What a blessing to have her in my life!

     Also very grateful for my mom's willingness to help me resolve my PayPal issue and get off the hook with the Holy Spirit. Thank you SO MUCH!
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