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Quite a full day today.

     This morning I was standing out by the cat enclosure, picking spent torenia blooms, when a bluejay swooped over to land on the top of the fence between my apartment and the neighbors--little over ten feet off. It gave out one of those very loud, raucous bluejay calls, then was joined by four fledglings. They had their adult colors already, and their half-grown crests were so darling. What a treat!

     Today I treated my mom to the lunch buffet at Boca Chica (authentic Mexican restaurant). I've only been raving about it for nearly a year after all. Well, we had a great time--it lived up to expectations, and we had the added treat of getting to have (homemade) flan. (A type of custard dessert that had never been available the other times I've eaten there.) Flan was my mom's favorite dessert growing up, so it made her day. Thank God for that wonderful timing!

     Got a lovely birthday card and delightful set of notecards with superb blue wrens on the front from silvanime today. Thank you!

     Last but definitely not least, I'm glad my car accident this afternoon wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. I was driving from the dentist's office after my appointment to pick up my mom at a store, and this lady turning right decided to turn a lane wide and occupy the space I was in. If I hadn't swerved at the last moment, it would have been much worse; as it is I've just got a loose side panel and need to work on my rattled nerves for a bit. The poor (older) lady was quite shook up, but her damage was about the same as mine. Thank God it wasn't worse!
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