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So glad it's a Friday!

     It is a blessing to see some pre-dawn light again on my walks to the park and ride. The days are getting longer--little over a month to the equinox. Nice to have it not be sunset yet when I get home either.

     This workweek has been extremely stressful, tumultuous, and eventful on the work front--I'm glad to be finally approaching the finish line. I was in charge for the monthly publish this month (on Wednesday) and at the same time came our transition to Outlook for our email service, which is a big adjustment after so many years on Lotus Notes. And of course all sorts of things break when nobody is around to help and I'm still learning the new email! On top of all that, some huge announcements today with people leaving/promoting in our department which is going to make my job even crazier for the next few months. VERY glad it's Friday!

     After all that, it's even more important to savor the little things. I found a horse photo to use as a wallpaper a few weeks back that reminds me so much of t'DoL in horse-form. Been really enjoying that.

     Also the sweetness of Rob dropping by and giving everyone on my team a (SpongeBob) Valentine with a piece of candy! I don't think I've ever gotten a Valentine at work, ha! I needed that after such a grueling week.
Tags: beloved, job: coworkers, job: work, skyscapes
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