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Thankful for a weekend:

     It was a treat Thursday to get a big sticky pecan-topped cinnamon roll from Carol in the morning. Funny too that she was sneaking around setting them up on our desks when we got back from our meeting earlier than she expected!

     Friday wasn't just the wonderfulness of a regular payday, it also brought the blessing of PSP pay as well. Very grateful for that!

     The Cornucopia store where I buy models for my Vue software had a big sale this week, and due to website issues it got extended. So I went on a "shopping spree" twice! They don't have major sales very often so I'm glad I could make the most of it.

     Delighted that I finally made and completed my book 2 avatar, only 10 years after I chose what words and images I wanted to use! Thanks to my pc Tertius and better software, it was a lot more doable than 10 years ago, that's for certain.

     One advantage of the big thaw lately is that I was able to walk to the movie theater to see 'Risen' today, and not lose too much time getting across ice and snow. And finally, somebody got it right--Jesus is NOT supposed to look gorgeous, and IS a Jew!
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