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Recent delights:

     Had a special treat at church Sunday. The North Central Choral sang a number of songs, and they sounded great. Brought back memories of getting to hear the collage choir long ago. Neat to know that they'll be in Carnegie Hall for a performance next Tuesday!

     One of the items I got with my Trader Joe's gift card was a container of their pesto sauce, which I greatly enjoyed with pasta and veggies for dinner the last few days. A very nice treat.

     While walking to the park and ride Monday morning, I got to savor the beautiful sight of the setting full moon amid a bed of clouds. It was deep yellow when I started, but by the end of my walk it was an orange-copper hue. Quite a treat!

     They added an extra St Paul bus at the park and ride--it comes about 10 minutes before the two regular buses. It will be very nice to be less crammed!

     Had a wonderful time at the Towners Tuesday evening. It was great to see how well Joe is doing after his surgery and get caught up on what's going on.
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