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Shouts · of · Joy

Blessings:     Delighted to amass enough Amazon…

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    Delighted to amass enough Amazon credit card points that I could buy myself a cd that's been on my wishlist for around a year. Quite enjoying it too!

    Very grateful for the huge blessing of good books.

    Been enjoying some Trader Joe's guacamole lately, thanks to the wonderful gift card I got for Christmas. YUM!

    Delighted to finish the 'Geren riding Mist' picture I'd been working on as a spin-off project from making my book 2 avatar. I will be enjoying it all spring as a pc wallpaper, along with 'Joy in the Journey.'

    Buckled down and did my taxes today, and I'm very grateful for the refunds which will be coming my way. Most of that is thanks to the amount of charitable deductions I can claim...so I find it both amusing and fitting that a good chunk of my refund each year goes to yet more charitable giving...and round and round it goes!

    And Saturday the 27th was a special day to give thanks, since it brings me to three months (already!) since Shado got rushed to the emergency vet for congestive heart failure. He is doing quite well, and I am very blessed. Thank you, God!
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