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Shouts · of · Joy

So glad it's a Friday!      With the streak…

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So glad it's a Friday!

     With the streak of crazy-warm temperatures of late, it's safe to say that winter has ended. And I'm happy to have 'won' my contest again--getting through the entire winter without falling. Yay!

     Delighted to have already gotten my tax refunds from both state and federal. Now just need to pay that huge Use Tax bill...

     Work has been awful, but it has its blessings. For one, it's not every week I get to tell my boss I want to jump out the window! Secondly, I've been blessed that I can forget my job even exists from the moment I leave for the day until I'm lying in bed that night--at least it's not preying on my mind when I can't do anything about it. And thirdly, the great news that there are two good candidates for Anna's old position, so maybe I'll have a new teammate by the beginning of April! It will take months to get that person trained, but that definitely beats having to wait over half a year to get the position fill like happened last time.

     Blessed that I've been able to get two chapters written in the first Triune novel over the last two weeks--only six chapters left! That gives me an excuse to slow down a little, because due to the job situation, I certainly won't be able to take off anytime soon, and I need that for finishing the book. But hopefully I can get the next two chapters done this month and get set up for the grand finale...
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On March 12th, 2016 12:40 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy commented:
Yes, quite a blessing!

I think Shado is enjoying it. He's very affected by whether or not its sunny. He's taken to waiting on the steps or even near the door for when I come home, instead of staying on his heated bed. I haven't told him he's acting like a dog. ;)