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Today is proving to be a real 'Ides of March' work day, but there are always reasons for gratitude:

     Shifting my schedule in advance, bit by bit, for a week prior to Daylight Savings is really paying off. Usually the spring shift is a lot harder than the fall one, but I'm doing quite well, thank God!

     Delighted that my small craft project of painting a wastebasket I bought at the State Fair last fall went very smoothly and only took two weekends. And now I can enjoy using it!

     My pass 2 work in the second Geren book has finally reached the 50% mark, whew.

     Yesterday was Pi Day, which meant yet another Pi Day celebration at work. I brought in spinach pie and a pie-shaped cheesecake selection, and also got to enjoy Key Lime pie, brownie pie, pecan pie, chocolate peanut butter cup pie, and blueberry lemon pie...and I certainly didn't get to sample them all! As always, it was delicious.
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