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     My boss did my entire PA (performance appraisal) for me this year! Considering that filling that out is my least-favorite task of the entire year, it's a very nice treat! (She also had fun by marking the box for "Unacceptable" and then putting "just kidding!" underneath. Certainly gave my heart a brief workout, ha ha!)

     I got out to see 'Zootopia' on Saturday and it was a fun experience all around. I got to use one of the free theater passes my manager gave me for Christmas, to a theater I'd never been to before. My usual plan of showing up early with a book doesn't work there, because they do reserved seats! So now I know for next time...interesting because everybody gets huge adjustable recliners, widely-spaced, which means not that many people fit in the room. And the movie was a blast--I can just imagine how much my brother would have loved it as a kid, with a lion as mayor and set in a city, etc, though I didn't notice any beavers.

     Very grateful for the happy ending with my missing Amazon package. It was supposed to be delivered over the weekend but didn't show up, though I wasn't sure who'd really want to steal a bunch of cat food and pill pockets (and iron pills, exciting!). Thankfully, somebody with a similar address on a similarly-named street got it, and kindly dropped it off last night. I've had a few packages delivered to me wrongly that I've taken to the correct address; it was nice to have that same consideration returned. Also glad I only had to make one emergency run to the local store for canned cat food!

     Best of all, I was able to finish chapter 22 of the first Triune novel over the weekend, and write the first scene of chapter 23 Monday night. Less than five chapters left and gearing up for the grand finale. With the crazy schedule at work, the big implementation project, and other people taking off, I'm grateful I got permission to take a few days off at the end of March/beginning of April. That five-day weekend will be perfect to work on finishing up the first draft of the novel, dealing with the big emotional highs and lows, AND doing a little celebrating!
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