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Lots of little joys of late:

     Last week got to have lunch with Bill and Dawn and hear about Bill's honeymoon in San Diego and Los Vegas. Great time!

     The vacancy on my tiny team since Anna's promotion has already been filled! The new person will be starting on April 12, though of course there's months of learning ahead.

     I was invited to Deb and Ben's new home for Easter Sunday. It was huge, gorgeous neighborhood (in my dream location when I was a high schooler) with lots of unique architecture and great grounds too. (And only minutes from the Towner's house.) I tried and mostly succeeded in not being too overwhelmed with envy. What a great place to grow up in!

     Sunday was also a special day because it brought me to four months since Shado was rushed to the emergency vet. He is still doing quite well--so blessed to enjoy these four 'extra' months!

     My workweek got off to a good start when I found a way to get around a 'feature' (bug) in the upgraded Kofax software that means I don't have to open a ticket with their Tech Support. That's a relief!

     I'm very grateful to AbeBooks, because thanks to them and some diligent searching, I was able to track down the print run (1978) of the George MacDonald stories I had as a kid but my parents sold years back. What a delight to have those familiar and beloved cover illustrations show up in the mail on Monday! Very much looking forward to rereading them and add them to my permanent collection--it's been too long.

     Delighted to be able to finish writing chapter 23 of 'DWoT' on Monday evening--down to just 4 chapters left and ready to tackle them with my days off coming up!
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