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Got some catching up to do!


     On Thursday, June 21 I was blessed by:
*Wonderful lunch at the LemonWolf cafe (it was providence we ever discovered that place, as they don't advertise).
*A new treasure next door in the form of Wit's End Corner Country Store and Bakery (I'll certainly revisit it every time I return to the North Shore)
*Ravishing views of an amazingly calm Lake Superior from Palisade Head.
*A pair of loons at the mouth of the Baptism River in Tettegouche State Park, that weren't troubled by tourists either swimming or ogling.


     On Friday, June 22 I enjoyed:
*The fact that the Shoreline Inn is right next door to World's Best Donuts--and they provide some in their continental breakfast.
*Discovering a bumper crop of stemless lady-slippers on the Flour Lake trail off the Gunflint. They were past their prime, but I won't forget that spot!
*Seeing a coyote 'prancing' in broad daylight along the side of the Gunflint Trail.
*Hearing the wild cries of loons at Honeymoon Bluff.
*Getting treated to lunch by Cindy for my birthday at the Angry Trout Cafe.


     On Saturday, June 23 I savored:
*A walk along the Brule River to Devil's Kettle that was NOT buggy or muddy! *pinches herself*
*The 'secret place' Cindy showed us along Kadunce Creek. Just gorgeous...would be easy to spend half a day down there, had we brought food.
*Late lunch at Sven & Ole's Pizza, my mom's treat. No visit to Grand Marais is complete without it!
*A walk along the harbor beset by fog; the beautiful sight of the schooner sailing out like a ghost ship.


     On Sunday, June 24 I was glad to have:
*A sighting of two more loons during my early-morning ramble along Artist's Point.
*Sunday brunch at the Nanaboujou Lodge that beat all I've ever had. Incredible!
*The fun of rambling through the art fair at Duluth (leaving aside the sweltering, sweat-dripping side of it).
*The glory of car air conditioning aiding us from Gooseberry Falls to the Twin Cities.
*Coming home to find flowers, fish, and cats all well. =)
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