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     So grateful that the temperatures have backed away from June weather and been more normal of late. Whew!

     Work continues to be brutal. Fairly early in the upgrade testing, I discovered something that could be disastrous for my team/department. My boss was disinclined to even consider the possibility, and I was hoping that she was right and my gut was wrong. Thanks solely to God's grace, I was able to be aware of potential-impending-doom in my mind but not have it stressing me out during the uncertain weeks before testing wrapped up. That was definitely a gift from heaven! Around two weeks ago, I opened a ticket with the vendor on the issue and was proven right--but also told of a way to get around it that I hadn't considered. My boss still didn't want to believe it, so she contacted our sales rep and got an answer from his contacts she really didn't want to hear. And God's peace was still with me, even though the prospects kept alternating between hopeful and catastrophic repeatedly throughout this past week. Right now, the issue appears tentatively hopeful, and if the hard work of the engineers pays off and we get a couple years grace--just think of all the worthless worry I'd have gone through if it were not for God's kindness! (I'm also glad the engineers were completely unaware of the issue until this last week, since when they found out poor Jay said he was 5 minutes from a panic attack. They have way too much on their plates already!)

     Because I have far too much to do at my job and staying late hasn't helped enough, I went in for 6 hours Saturday. But my reward for blowing my weekend was treating myself to lunch at Afro Deli. Falafel, Somali rice, pita with some delicious fresh hummus, my first sambusa, and best of all, fried sweet plantains! Fabulous lunch, which will hopefully help ease the sting of having to go to work two Saturdays in a row.

     Another big gratitude came back to mind as I switched gears from editing in DWoT to starting pass 3 on the second Geren book. And that is the fact that I've made better progress with the Triune work than I ever imagined I could. I am going slowly crazy since I haven't gotten to write any t'DoL stories since last August, and I'm trying to hold out for June. Yet I thought it would be far more unbearable to be separate from t'DoL for so long than it's proven. The only reason I've been able to stand it because I'm concurrently working on the Geren books as I work on Triune-era stuff (and yes, rereading stories and from Geren book 5 whenever I can). What a blessing! Were it not for that, it would be far more difficult to make progress, and I would be fighting myself constantly. Hopefully rewriting the five Geren books will overlap writing all the Triune books, and continue to help me endure my semi-exile.
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