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Halfway through the workweek (and somehow the job hasn't killed me yet):

     Very grateful that the dizziness I experienced Monday afternoon/evening did not turn into vertigo. Just more hormonal fun, and thankfully it's all over for now.

     Spring has burst out in full in a matter of days, and I was delighted to see (and smell) the first lilacs starting to open, though it's not May yet. The apples and crabapples are starting to bloom as well, forsythia is winding down, tulips and northern magnolias blooming too. And somebody who lives between my place and where the singles' group meets has an amazingly gorgeous magenta-flowered redbud tree that I'm savoring the sight of (don't see much of that species this far north).

     Today is a special day. Not only does it bring me to five months since Shado was rushed to the emergency vet, but today is his 13th birthday! What a blessing, I never imagined, years back when his heart murmur was discovered, that he would be a part of my life for so long. And these last five months have been very special. Thank you, God!
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