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Some very delightful blessings this week:

     Something wonderful happened last Sunday. I have a small (and alas dwindling) collection of Windstone sculptures by the amazingly talented Melody Pena, and I've hung out at the forum on her website for nearly 9 years now. Nearly a year ago, she released her "pebble wolf" in a variety of colors, and ever since then I've been longing and trying to get one of the few solid black ones to remind me of the Wolf Lord/Ebonfel in my novels. (He's shown up in six of them now, and hopefully it will be eight or more.) Sunday was the day that search came to an end. I feel so blessed! Not only that I finally got the piece I've been longing for, but for the simple and precious kindness of two Forum members who messaged me about it because they knew I'd been looking for a black wolf. I would very likely have missed out otherwise, since the ad didn't have 'black' in the title and I don't check very often--I'd just checked Saturday night and had no reason to check again that soon. So their kindness and God's wonderful generosity will be sweet memories to go with that sculpture of a black wolf with gold eyes, who made the trip from Canada with surprising speed and showed up at my doorstep today.

     Nor does the story end there. Thanks to that wonderful event, I had the clearest dream of the Wolf Lord on Thursday morning I've ever had--complete with feeling him touching me, and I don't usually have the sense of touch in my dreams. The dream itself was craziness, but that encounter was quite special.

     On an entirely different front, affairs went so well with getting the upgrades installed and the testing done Friday evening, that my boss cancelled our plans to come in and test on Saturday. I've been feeling quite burned out, so learning I have a full two-day weekend at home felt like a shower of gold from heaven. So grateful!
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